Destination Westland South Island Ultra Marathon

West Coast Wilderness Trail

Event Information

Drink and Food

Drink and Food stations locations throughout the run:
We will have drink and food stations along the run situated at:

Taramakau - 18km
Kumara - 31km
Kapitea Reservoir - 40km
Old Christchurch Road - 46km
Cowboy Paradise - 66km
Sunny Bight Lake Kaniere - 78km
Hurunui Jacks - 87km
Kaniere Township - 94km
Finish Line - 100km

We recommend that you have your own electrolyte drinks with you if you require specific needs.
We will have at the aid stations water, R-Line electrolyte drinks, bananas, coke, lollies and chips. You will be able to refill your carriers with these fluids, we are not providing plastic cups at the aid stations as we can’t have any plastic cups being taken into the trail and left on route.  We recommend you have a cup of your own. The easiest to carry is a silicone cup which are available throughout New Zealand and on our website under merchandise.

Cut Off Times

These cut off times will be adhered to. 

100km - 17 Hours - Averaging 10.2 minutes per kilometer   

54km - 15 Hours - Averaging 16.6 minutes per kilometer     

24km - 11 Hours - Averaging 27.5 minutes per kilometer   

This clearly shows that the average fit walker/tramper on this trail can achieve within the cut offs of the 54km.  A person will need to be doing some running to achieve the cut offs of the 100km. We encourage walkers to enter the 54km and 24km events. 

The cut off times are:

1:00pm - Cut off for all 100km runners at Old Christchurch Road  

5:45pm - Cut off for all competitors at Sunny Bight Lake Kaniere

10:00pm - Cut off for all competitors

Age Restrictions

All competitors in the 54km and 100km events are to be 18 years or older.  

All competitors in the 24km event must be 16 years or older. 

Bag Drop

Bag drops will be at the registration the day before the event by 4:00pm.  These can then be sorted and taken to the Aid Stations specified by you. 
The Drop Bags MUST be sealed and clearly marked with:

  • Name
  • Event
  • Race Number
  • Location for drop back to be taken too

E.g: Joe Bloggs, 100km, Number 101, Location Cowboy Paradise

Make sure that the bag is sealed and that nothing is loose and will fall out, as we will have a large number of these at the Aid Stations. Please do not put frozen items in the bags as these could melt into others.

No bags drops can be guaranteed to be at feed stations, if asked to be dropped the morning of the event. 

Bus to Start

If you require a bus ticket to the start you can purchase this for $25.00

  • A Bus will run from the Beachfront Hotel Hokitika to Greymouth, for the start of the 100km
  • A Bus will run from the Beachfront Hotel Hokitika  to Old Christchurch Road, for the start of the 54km
  • A Bus will run from the Beachfront Hotel Hokitika to Hans Bay, for the start of the 24km

Private vehicles going to the start of the 54km, we recommend taking the bus, as there is very limited spots to park on the side of the road and there is no car park at the start. Competitors will walk 400m to the start and spectators won't be able to see you start, given the darkness and location.  We recommend participants to take the bus. 

Bus tickets can be purchased online when entering, if your partner wants to see you start then they will have to make their own way to the start, as the bus is only available for competitors. 

Toilet requirements - Poo Bags

What you take into the run you must bring back out, this includes fesses. There are porta-loos and toilets throughout the run and a map of these will be provided and can be downloaded at 

If you need to go to the toilet before you can get to a toilet on the route, you will need a poo bag (best you calculate how often you believe you will need to go during the event and have sufficient bags. We’d hate for some our native birds to be  chocking on your finest or the waterways getting polluted.

Thank you for this and we recommend you check out the following link for some great helpful tips    


With the 100km start there will be locations around Greymouth that you will be able to view competitors. There are other spots along the trail to the Taramakau Bridge.  Please be careful when stopping or crossing the State Highway if you are encouraging competitors.

After the Taramakau River the next best place would be Kumara Main Street before they go back into the Bush and are out briefly at Loopline Road at the Reservoirs, then not until the Old Christchurch Road for 200 metres, then Lake Kaniere.  

We request that spectators do not go up Milltown Road towards Cowboy Paradise as the runners will be running on the shingle road and there are a number of blind corners throughout this section of the run. 

Then the best spot will be at the Finish on the beach front at Hokitika. 

Pacers/Support Runner

Pacers/Support Runners can only run with 100km competitors and only from the Feed Station at Sunny Bight.  We require that all pacers/support runners are registered with us, as we have to know everyone that is on the trail.

All pacers/support runners.  Please advise us of the people's Name, DOB, telephone Number and Email address, by Sunday 2 May 2021, by emailing one person per competitor.

Be Prepared

As an Ultra Marathoner you are to be prepared for the event. This means you must have trained and be physically fit enough to complete the event within the cut off times. If you have had any health issues that you think may restrict you completing the event within the time frames, we request that you seek medical advice prior to attempting the event.

If you have or have had symptoms of Covid-19 we request that you be tested for this prior to taking part and only taking part if you have a negative result for the Virus.

You will be running on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand which has a high rainfall. The event is run in early May when weather conditions are stable, but the weather can change on the coast within a matter of minutes. 

100km runners will start at sea level and run to 362 metres above sea level before descending back to sea level at the finish.  You will experience changes in temperatures especially when running in the dark.  Conditions will change, and we request that you have quality gear and keep this dry, compulsory gear is listed is as below.

Total Elevation 546m

Compulsory Gear for all - 100km and 54km competitors & Recommended gear for 24km:

  • Headlamp
  • Long sleeve top wool/polypropylene
  • Thermal hat (Beanie not a buff)
  • Thermal gloves
  • Waterproof jacket (seam-sealed with hood)
  • Survival Blanket
  • Reflective gear, back and front, for those running in the dark. Sunrises at 7.33am and sets at 5:31pm (After Hurunuis Jacks with approx 14km to go you have 4km on the road, you must be able to be seen)
  • Whistle
  • Mobile Phone – charged in a waterproof container and Race Directors number in the phone 027 226 7769